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Napo in… Dust at work

A new film in the Napo animated series

In his new adventures, Napo is confronted with the risks caused by dust in different sectors of activity.

Napo is back! In his new adventures, he is confronted by dust. Flour, wood, cereal dust, etc. present a number of risks. Dust can have different short-term health effects such as respiratory irritation as well as long-term effects such as cancer. In addition, dust may generate a risk of explosion when it is combustible.


Seven short stories illustrate the risk linked to dust:

  • Unloading dust
  • Flour power
  • Double danger
  • Cutting edge
  • Dusty dinner
  • Wood dust
  • Explosive mix


Napo, the prevention mascot

Napo is the hero in a series of animation films made by a consortium of the main European occupational safety and health bodies: INRS, AUVA (Austria), HSE (United Kingdom), DGUV (Germany), INAIL (Italy), Suva (Switzerland), European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA).
“Napo in… Dust at work” is the 15th episode in the Napo series disseminated in France by INRS. These films can be viewed on the INRS Youtube channel. They can also be seen and downloaded at napofilm.net.

Last update on 17/09/2018