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INRS Brochure on nanomaterials now available in English

Definition, toxicological risk, characterisation of occupational exposure and prevention measures

Nanomaterials hold considerable economic and strategic potential. Budgets allocated to the development and industrialisation of manufactured nanomaterials are on the rise, driven by ever more promising applications.
A certain number of employees are now exposed to nanomaterials. However, knowledge of the toxicity of nanomaterials and the instances and levels of occupational exposure remain fragmented.
As a result, all occupational environments where nanomaterials are used (companies, research laboratories, universities, etc.), should develop good work practices and implement appropriate risk prevention procedures throughout the life cycle of products (from receiving raw materials to managing waste).

While it is too early to provide definitive answers, in this document INRS proposes a review of the characteristics and applications of nanomaterials, of current toxicological knowledge, tools used to characterise occupational exposure, and prevention measures.


Download the brochure here.

Last update on 18/01/2017