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The Seirich computer application

A tool to assess and prevent chemical risks in the workplace

Glues, degreasers, resins and paints, whether in liquid, powder or gas form, are examples of chemical products which are present in all industries. When chemicals come into contact with skin or are inhaled or ingested, they can cause acute or chronic poisoning. They also can cause fires and explosions, or cause damage to the environment. An assessment of risks is needed to take necessary preventive actions.

In cooperation with different partners, INRS developed Seirich, a software which assesses chemical risks in the workplace.

A tool for users of all levels

Seirich can be used to create an inventory of the chemical products used in a company and the chemical agents emitted during processes. It can rank products and agents according to priority with regards to chemical risk, and can help to develop a prevention action plan. It is designed to adapt to the needs of companies of any size. The tool can be used by anyone: company directors, managers, occupational physicians, occupational health services, chemists, toxicologists and chemical risk specialists, regardless of their level of knowledge of chemical risk. Three expertise levels adapt the programme to the user: 

  • Level 1 is intended for users with little or no knowledge of chemical risk prevention wishing to conduct an assessment.
  • Level 2 is intended for intermediate users wishing to implement risk assessments and prevention at the company.
  • Level 3 is intended for experts in chemical risk who can use sophisticated modelling tools, analyse measurement results and objectively interpret the algorithms used by Seirich.

Seirich is composed of a website and a downloadable software

The website allows users to familiarise themselves with the risk assessment process developed by Seirich by way of a video and information regarding the importance of this process and the legal obligations of the employer. The software’s different features are also explained. A quiz allows users to test their knowledge of chemical risks and helps them choose the Seirich level best suited to them. Tutorials are also available on how to add products to the database, which information needs to be entered to assess workplace risk, how to print documents, and more.

A search engine helps companies to find information on products and substances commonly found in their industrial branch.

Lastly, a hotline is available for answers to any questions users may have.

The Seirich software, which can be downloaded free of charge from the website, offers:

  • help in creating an inventory of labelled products used and dangerous chemical emissions in the company;
  • a ranking of products according to potential risk;
  • a risk assessment methodology  for specific workstations;
  • the possibility of introducing personal protective equipment (PPE);
  • regulatory and technical information;
  • overview of assessment results;
  • creation and monitoring of a prevention action plan at the company;
  • creation of summary documents (safe work procedures, product datasheets, assessment results, action plans, etc.)
  • a data import/export function for product databases.


The software is available in English, but still based on French regulations.


To learn more about the process and download the tool, visit www.seirich.fr.




Last update on 23/08/2022