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Studies and Research

New INRS 2016/2017 Studies and Research Brochure

This report is mainly intended for the national and international scientific community (foreign counterparts, agencies, research bodies, partners, university laboratories, engineering schools, etc.).

Firstly, through the 16 finished studies presented in this report, some of which lie within the field of multiple exposures, or within the field of work organisation, with invaluable knowledge being acquired in transport and logistics and on "lean management" company practices. The researchers have also been active in the subject of psychosocial risks, with, in particular, a study on situations involving high emotional loads, and the results of an assessment of PSR and MSD prevention interventions conducted in companies. In the coming weeks, that assessment will be the subject of a publication of a reference work. Not forgetting the constant need to enrich knowledge on chemical risks, to which one third of French workers declare they are exposed in the course of their work, and not forgetting work on MSD prevention with, for example, an analysis of the role of first-line supervisors.


Naturally, the brochure also covers the studies in progress with prospects in the short term in the fields of collaborative robotics, exoskeletons, nanomaterials, the impact of night work on health, etc.


This density of topics is the fruit of continuous adaptation of INRS's activities to take on board the latest developments in occupational risk prevention. The various skills of INRS interact, engaged in the reality of what is happening on the ground, so as to build knowledge, disseminate it, and cascade implementation of it. Thus, 2016 was marked by an intensification of the events activity. All of the events were privileged moments for increasing dissemination and sharing of knowledge, with, in particular an international conference on endocrine disruptors, a technology day on passive sampling, and the assessment of the "asbestos-analytical TEM" project.


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Last update on 23/11/2017