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Horizon Scanning and Strategic Foresight 2019

This document is a supplement to the various foresight exercises that have been conducted since 2015 by INRS

The foresight exercises conducted by INRS allow the structuring of a watch dedicated to changes in production methods and work organisation, in order to detect the appearance of "signals", precursors of transformations that may impact the prevention of occupational risks.

This article offers a panorama of significant events and trends in the world of work, identified in 2019 and selected either because these examples confirm certain prospective hypotheses, or because new elements appear, requiring an understanding of future work situations in advance.


Five main topics have been monitored and therefore addressed in this document:

  • Robotisation: “two steps forward, one step back”
  • A two-tier development of artificial intelligence?
  • Platformisation
  • Health effects of nomadic and connected working
  • Circular economy in the building and construction industry


Formalising this horizon scanning exercise in the form of a written document is expected to be continued in the years to come.

Last update on 20/10/2020