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Organisational Chart

General Management + 11 divisions

INRS General Management implements the policy defined by the Board of Directors. A plan is established annually for all of the areas in which INRS is active (studies and research, training, information and assistance) based on national priorities and on INRS’s own strategic framework.

General Management

General Management oversees all activity at the Institute’s two sites.
It directly manages five operational, functional and support directorates and three units.
INRS Management team:

  • Stéphane Pimbert, Director General
  • Louis Laurent, Scientific Director
  • Séverine Brunet, Director of Prevention Applications
  • Nathalie Guillemy, Director of the Paris Centre
  • Christian Hennequin, Director of General Administration
  • Michel Pourquet, Director of the Lorraine Centre

Operational Management

The Paris and Lorraine Centre Directorates oversee teams and resources at the two sites.
Functional Management
The Executive Scientific Board and Prevention Applications Executive work together to develop programmes and annual activity reports.

  • The Executive Scientific Board defines the Institute’s scientific policy. It oversees Studies and Research activities (planning, follow-up and knowledge transfer).   
  • The Prevention Applications Executive coordinates, carries out and monitors activities related to assistance, training and information. It also acts as an interface in the Institute’s dealings with the occupational risk branch of France’s national health insurance fund and other prevention partners.

Support Activity Management

  • The General Administration Directorate provides administrative, financial, accounting, computing, equipment and logistical support for the Institute at both sites.

2 Units

  • The Common processes unit works to improve cross-disciplinary activities and projects at INRS. It also manages INRS’ quality processes.
  • The internal communications unit implements resources and activities to accompany INRS teams, strategies, activities and projects.

11 Divisions

To fulfil its missions on strategic themes for prevention, INRS is active in 4 areas: studies and research, training, information and assistance.

11 divisions, located at the Paris or Lorraine Centres, ensure the smooth running of all actions defined in the annual plan.


Last update on 09/07/2021