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INRS launches an awareness-raising campaign on psycho-social risks

Psycho-social risks: talking to feel better. Moving past misconceptions to find solutions

INRS is launching a new awareness-raising campaign for employees, companies and prevention institutions, to support efforts to prevent psycho-social risks.

The world of work is changing: tasks are becoming increasingly complex, rest times are shortened, work environments are creating more individualised work and more demanding requirements. Paying attention to psycho-social risks, stress, burn-out, violence and harassment has become imperative.

Key figures

  • In France, 35% of employees identify three factors which make it difficult for them to perform their work;
  • 57% say their pace of work is determined by an external request requiring an immediate response;
  • 27% say they are subject to constant inspection and monitoring by their superiors;
  • 56% say they have to stop a task to perform another, unexpected one; 44% say this disturbs them in their work;
  • 36% say they cannot adjust set deadlines in order to complete their work (Source: 2010 SUMER study. Dares Analyses, March 2012, No. 023, in French).

In 2016, INRS launched a new awareness-raising campaign on psycho-social risks, for which it published handbooks, brochures and a series of posters. The campaign targeted employees and managers (directors, executives, human resources staff) and strove to meet three goals:

  1. Encourage employees to speak out about psycho-social risks and direct them to prevention professionals in their sphere.
  2. Provide managers with tools to understand and help prevent psycho-social risks.
  3. Draw the attention of employees and managers to psycho-social risks by addressing seven misconceptions surrounding the issue:
  • A bit of stress is a good source of motivation 
  • Psycho-social risks aren’t serious 
  • Stress is part of the job 
  • Stress is all in your head 
  • Psycho-social risks aren’t the company’s problem
  • Not talking about psycho-social risks keeps the problem at bay
  • Stress at work is always the boss’s fault.

A series of posters debunks the misconceptions surrounding psycho-social risks to encourage discussion, reflection and preventative approaches within enterprises.

The tone used in the publications is deliberately positive to ensure that psycho-social risks are no longer a taboo issue in enterprises.

Last update on 24/04/2017