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CatRayon is a computer programme that assesses risks from sources of optical radiation at a work station.

Employees in work environments are frequently exposed to several sources of optical radiation, of varying characteristics often unexpected by users. The optical radiation to which workers may be exposed can sometimes cause damage to eyes and skin.

The occupational exposure limit values for non-coherent optical radiation (covering several wavelengths emitted by natural or artificial sources) are established according to physiological effects, wavelengths and the duration of exposure over the course of an eight-hour work day. As a result, their implementation is relatively complex. INRS developed the CatRayon software to assess exposure to optical radiation in workplaces, determine risks and suggest prevention measures.


CatRayon is software for assessing exposure to optical radiation in the workplace, intended for prevention specialists.

CatRayon includes a database of about 400 optical radiation sources (lamps, furnaces, welding arcs, etc.) and about 100 protection filters. It allows:

  • exposure assessment of employees at fixed or moving workstations, based on Exposure Limit Values (ELV) defined by the European Directive 2006/25/EC;
  • performance of risk mapping in a working area;
  • defining or proposing efficient collective and personal protective filter;
  • editing an analysis report recording all the results.


An independent input module MesSourcesCatRayon complements the software and allows the user for creating his own sources based on his measurements.


A detailed user guide in pdf format as well as a summary of the functionalities are attached to the software.


Features added to version 5 of CatRayon:

  • Creating generic sources: lamp+reflector or ovens, whose characteristics are defined by the user,
  • Assessing risks quickly in a simple configuration: A source and an observer.
  • Possibility of also assessing risks according to the Exposure Limits recommended by the ICNIRP in 2013.
  • Consideration of the acceptance angles recommended by the ICNIRP for calculating exposures and risk assessment.
  • Support for 2 additional languages German and Spanish.


To download the software:


Last update on 06/05/2019