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Occupational hazards after COVID-19

This article was written by prospectivists.

Strategic foresight is not about making forecasts. Its goal is to imagine possible futures in order to identify drivers of expected changes to help decision-makers to adopt suitable measures. In addition, strategic foresight can also fuel public debate. The authors of this article operate in the field of occupational safety and health. They are not health crisis experts.

At the request of the Travailler au futur (TAF) journal, the INRS Horizon Scanning and Strategic Foresight Mission has presented the main results of its recent work devoted to possible developments in work organisation adapting it to a context of epidemic or post-epidemic crisis. All of the demonstrators are the result of different works conducted by INRS devoted to the possible developments in work and the prevention of occupational risks in the upcoming decades. 

This work has been reviewed, re-examined and adapted in the light of the COVID-19 crisis and its consequences.

Last update on 21/10/2020