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Find out more about INRS research

Studies & Research for occupational safety and health

Key figures, main themes of research, presentation of the 6 research divisions and 20 specialist laboratories can be found in the new leaflet.

INRS develops four complementary modes of action for contributing to preventing occupational accidents and diseases: studies & research, assistance, training, and information. The aim of the studies & research work at INRS is to create new knowledge that is useful for improving occupational safety and health. It meets various requirements:

  • Being tuned in to the needs of the working world: The research work grasps the realities and the changes encountered in the working world.
  • Forming a continuum between research and applications.
  • Providing scientific quality.
  • Implementing multidisciplinary approaches.


A significant part of the studies and research work relates to identified risks that are still present and that constitute the core of four prevention programmes: biological, chemical, and physical & mechanical risks, and risks related to work organisation and work situations. Some of it addresses topics related to technological, economic, and environmental changes, for which little stabilised knowledge exists, such as robotics, nanoparticles, multiple exposures and co-exposures, etc.

Last update on 22/10/2020