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International Strategy

Occupational risk prevention: a European and international concern

With globalisation, occupational risk prevention has crossed national boundaries to become a European and international issue. Accelerated innovation, labour mobility, and the emergence of new risks are all reasons that have led INRS to establish and maintain international partnerships with counterpart institutions and entities in order to be more effective in developing prevention tools and solutions.

OSH professionals and researchers often have common concerns for which it is important to pool knowledge and resources. At the European level, certain topics are making a strong comeback : ageing of employees, employee well-being, new technologies, nanoparticles, economic approaches to prevention, assessment of prevention, etc. In this context, it is important for INRS to develop strong and varied partnerships both in Europe and the rest of the world.

The objectives of INRS’s European and international initiatives are :

  • To develop and manage partnerships to exchange and share scientific and technical knowledge and know-how
  • To promote occupational risk prevention as a concern for both sides of French industry, private companies (employers and employees)
  • To participate in developing relations with emerging and developing countries so as to raise their awareness of occupational risk prevention.

For many years now, INRS has worked together with its European and international partners, OSH bodies and institutes doing research in the area of occupational safety and health. This co-operation has enabled all INRS divisions to exchange research and survey results, methodologies, and good practices, and to pool databases. These ongoing exchanges are very important in order to advance scientific knowledge and develop new risk prevention solutions.


INRS’s international action is based on structured co-operation with counterpart organisations and on its involvement with European and international networks and European and international organisations.

Last update on 15/03/2017