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Hand-arm vibration international conference

Nancy, Centre Prouvé, 6-9 June 2023

Organised by INRS

From 6 to 9 June 2023, the 15th International Conference on Hand-Arm Vibration (ICHAV) organised by INRS under the patronage of the International Advisory Committee on Hand-Arm Vibration brought together participants from Europe, Asia and North America.

Forty scientists from different disciplines presented the latest knowledge about hand-arm vibration so that there can be a better understanding and prevention of the effects on workers. Near to a hundred participants including scientists, occupational physicians, machine manufacturers, metrologists, prevention officers, members of standardisation groups and government agencies attended the 4-day conference.

A workshop devoted to hand-transmitted mechanical shock (HTS) was held. Generated by many common machines such as staplers, nail-guns, impact wrenches, and road breakers, these shock signals contain vibration at frequencies higher than those currently included in international standards on vibration measurement. There is limited knowledge on whether or how shock and high-frequency vibration contribute to the health risk from vibration exposure.

The workshop, whose aim was to determine whether there was a consensus amongst experts on the metric most suited to the evaluation of HTS, made it possible to study the mechanical shocks transmitted to the hand from different angles: physiological, biological, medical, metrological. Work currently being pursued within International Standards groups on shocks and high-frequency vibrations (ultravibrations) was presented.


During the workshop, experts debated questions such as: 

  • Do we accept that the health effects due to exposure to shocks are the same as those from continuous vibration ? 
  • Is a metric suitable for predicting the risks of health effects from HTS ? 
  • Do we need a new metric specifically for HTS ? 
  • What should be the upper frequency limit for measurement ? 

A summary of the workshop will be published. The workshop outcomes will feed directly into the work being carried out by the International Standards’ working group on hand-arm vibration. 

The program of this international conference on hand-arm vibration as well as the book of proceedings are available for consultation.


In addition, the Taylor Prize usually awarded during this conference was given to National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) represented by Ren Dong and his team.

Programme, presentations

Full programme
Book of proceedings

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International conference Hand-arm vibration

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