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CatRayon is a computer programme that assesses risks from sources of optical radiation at a work station.

Employees in work environments are frequently exposed to several sources of optical radiation, of varying characteristics often unexpected by users. The optical radiation to which workers may be exposed can sometimes cause damage to eyes and skin.

The occupational exposure limit values for non-coherent optical radiation (covering several wavelengths emitted by natural or artificial sources) are established according to physiological effects, wavelengths and the duration of exposure over the course of an eight-hour work day. As a result, their implementation is relatively complex. INRS developed the CatRayon software to assess exposure to optical radiation in workplaces, determine risks and suggest prevention measures.

CatRayon is a software programme for assessing exposure to optical radiation intended for users of optical radiation sources and prevention specialists. It includes a 400-source database (lamps, ovens, welding arcs, etc.) and a database of around 100 protective filters.

It can be used to:

  • place and orient  sources selected from the source database,
  • assess exposure at fixed or moving workstations, based on exposure limits defined by the European Directive 2006/25/EC,
  • perform hazard mapping in a determined work area,
  • select protective filters from the filter database,
  • offer  users a list of efficient collective and personal protective filters,
  • edit an analysis report recording all data


The ‘MesSourcesCatRayon’ general and technical data entry module complements the CatRayon computer programme. It makes it possible for users to enter data related to their own sources, based on measurements taken in the laboratory or directly at workstations. Sources created in this way are consolidated into catalogues, which can be directly accessed in CatRayon.


  • Type: Software, downloadable
  • Mode of utilisation: Software, downloadable in compressed format (CatRayon V4.0.0.2, MesSourcesCatRayon V1.0.1.0 ); unzip and install at work station.
  • PC compatible with Windows (XP and later). 70 Mb required for installation.
  • Note: Comes in two languages: French and English


Download the image and software here:


Last update on 10/03/2017
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