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Occupational exposure limit values for chemicals

An online glossary and an application for smartphones

What is an occupational exposure limit value?
What do the American threshold limit values correspond to?
What is a biological limit value? The answers to these questions can be found in a glossary available in three languages (German, English and French) created by a working group of the ISSA Chemistry Section in which INRS takes part. With roughly sixty definitions, this glossary can shed light on limit values and how they apply.

The Dangerous Substances working group of the ISSA Chemistry Section (section of the International Social Security Association for the prevention of occupational risks in the chemical industry) brings together representatives from INRS and from the national occupational accident and disease insurance funds of Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Austria (BG RCI, Suva, INAIL and AUVA).

After producing a brochure on occupational exposure limit values, the group designed an application for smartphones aimed at OSH practitioners out in the field, which provides definitions of the main terms used in Europe and throughout the world, regarding limit values.

This online glossary, can be downloaded free of charge to smartphones.


More information: https://www.issa.int/fr/web/prevention-chemistry

Last update on 24/04/2017