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International Symposium “Safety and Health Protection in the Supply Chain of Chemicals”

Frankfurt, Germany, 12 June 2018

INRS is taking part in this event.

Chemicals are integral constituents of our living and work environment – for instance, they are found in products of mobility, communication, health protection, and construction. In order to manufacture these products, many steps are necessary. At first, raw materials have to be turned into basic chemicals, which need to be transported from the manufacturers to the processing enterprises. From there, the finished products are again in transit to reach the industrial end users, or the consumers. All these steps often take place in separate locations and would not be possible without transportation connecting the various stations in the life cycle of a chemical substance.

The significance of transport across borders of nations and continents is constantly increasing within the global network of our work and living environment. Safety and health protection of employees who might come in contact with the products at individual stations, are important concerns of ISSA Chemistry Section and ISSA Transportation Section.

The following key issues will be addressed:

  • Rules and regulations
  • Classification and labelling
  • Interfaces: Transporting dangerous goods – handling hazardous substances
  • Packaging requirements
  • Risk assessment
  • Requirements for the transportation of dry ice
  • Loading and unloading hazardous substances
  • Storage and availability for transport and use
  • Cargo security
  • Safety of vehicles
  • Cleaning containers and tank trucks
  • Health hazards through contacts with chemicals
  • Emergency measures and organization following TUIS


INRS contributes to this symposium with 2 oral presentations:

  • Preventing chemical risk during transport unloading of shipping containers
  • Packaging and securing requirements for the transport of dangerous goods


Symposium programme

International Symposium “Safety and Health Protection in the Supply Chain of Chemicals”

  • Date

    From 12/06/2018 to 12/06/2018
  • Location

  • Organiser

    ISSA Chemistry Section and ISSA Transportation Section
  • Web site

  • Contact

  • Information

    The symposium is free of charge and open to all interested persons who register for it in connection with a valid ticket to ACHEMA 2018.
    Informal registration is possible with Michaela Frenzel, who will also answer all organizational questions. (e-Mail: michaela.frenzel@bgrci.de).

    For content-related enquiries, please contact Antje Ermer (e-Mail: antje.ermer@bgrci.de, Tel.: 06221 5108-28380)
Last update on 13/03/2018